bookmark_borderOhiopyle PA State Park

I recently had a very enjoyable day out with my kids and our family friends to visit Ohiopyle PA State Park, a park which I have been wanting to experience for a while. Our experience was fantastic.

Several Great Must Visit Spots

Natural Water Slides

Our day lasted about 4 or 5 hours we started the day by visiting the natural water slides. They are made from grooves into the bedrock that you can actually slide down. My kids enjoyed these tremendously. The slides are not for little ones, you can get pretty beat up because the bottom of the slides is natural and does contain rock features that could give you cuts and bruises if you fly down them.

At this location there are a ton of families and it is a very popular spot, little ones have allot of areas in the creek bed to swim, and there is also a little cliff dive people were doing. Again use your best judgment with the little ones.

Cucumber Falls

Cucumber Falls is an awesome waterfall bluff flowing into the Youghiogheny River. It is a really nice spot to cool down and for everyone to stand under the falls. You don’t get really wet unless you want to, and on a hot day the mist is so relaxing and cool. (See Gallery).

Youghiogheny River

The last stop of the day for us was the Youghiogheny River where the kids swam and fought the currents of the river. My 8 year old was overwhelmed by the rapids but my older children seemed to handle them ok, use you best judgment.

Going Back for More

As with every park we visit there is always more to do and see I can’t wait to tackle some nature trails sometime back at Ohiopyle State Park, what a fantastic trip.


Parking is at a premium at the Cucumber Falls and the natural water slides so plan ahead, it’s always a good idea to have a secondary parking space in the back of your mind when trying to find a spot in the public parking.


  • Official Ohiopyle Map
  • GPS Coordinates
    • Natural Water Slides Parking: 39.86220627440136, -79.4949024450628
    • Cucumber Falls Parking: 39.86279541551255, -79.50275401298599
    • Youghiogheny River Parking: 39.869104504126966, -79.49444639565348