bookmark_borderBeginning my hiking season with AllTrails

I want to start off by saying I am not being paid by AllTrails I am just a huge fan of the application. There is such a complimentary set of functionality in the app that I wanted to put it in the blog. For a while I have been searching for the perfect app that would allow me to focus on the hike itself, and just be a supportive tool. No one wants to do app administration when they are focused on their hike.

Winter is finally coming to an end and the hiking season, at least in Pennsylvania, is upon us. I am very excited to put the AllTrails app to the test. In addition to adding a couple of PA Trails into my memories, I also want to venture to one out of state trail this season, and I am contemplating winter hiking this year.

AllTrails also has a very cool little social network baked in, so you can follow other users and post pictures of the trails you visit. I am planning on contributing to the AllTrails community by doing reviews on the trails I, and my family visit, and uploading pictures onto my AllTrails profile as well.

More to come. I am planning my first hike for the first 55 degree an up day, which should be within a few weeks.

bookmark_borderBlack Moshannon Trails for Kids

We had a great time going out to Black Moshannon State Park. I set a pin for the Start of the Hay Road Trail and was off by only a couple of feet. If you set coordinates, in your GPS to 40.90156568631821, -78.05769838881423 you will end up in a nice gravel parking area right by boat launch 3 along the West Side Road. To your left is the start of the bog trail which is gorgeous, to your right about 10 to 20 feet is the start to the Hay Road Trail. You will need to look for the marker post, see my pictures at the end of this article.

The Bog, Indian, and Hay Road trails are all wonderful for beginners. Indian trail, in the beginning, is heavy with roots and rock so pay special attention if you have little ones hiking with you. Hay Road trial when done in the back end of a loop is down a slight grade and has very few rocks and roots. My girls are ages 15,13, and 8. They all had no problem and really enjoyed the trails. We went on the bog trail and went up Indian Trail and looped around back down the Hay Road Trail. Be careful if you take a left onto the Moss-Hanne trail, it is 7 miles, and you want to make sure you have enough daylight to make it back.

I hope you enjoy these pictures. The next park I want to visit is Blue Knob State Park, stay tuned and keep on hiking!

Link to Black Moshannon State Park Map